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Thursday, April 26, 2012

postheadericon So Sexy It's Criminal

Tube of choice. Preferably one with a close up. I used the sexy work of Ismael Rac available here in his personal store.
PTU Kit Dangerous by Kaci at Scrappin Krazy Designs.
Collabe Template 4 by Bru and MzDixi from the Creative Misfit Blog here.
Fonts of choice: Bauhaus 93, Andover, and Vrinda.
PlugIns: Xero, and Eye Candy 5

Let's Get Started:
Open the template in PSP.
Hold the shift key and press the D button to open a copy.
Close the original.
Delete the credit layer.
Paste full body tube of choice.
Positon the tube as desired in the top gray square.
Effects> PlugIns> Xero> Porcelain: Softness- 50, Strength- 128, Brightness- 128, Red Channel- 0, Green Channel- 0, Blue Channel- 255.
Duplicate the tube layer and hide one of them.
Select the top square layer. Selections> Float. Selections> DeFloat. Selections> Invert. Select the tube layer and then hit the delete key on your keyboard. Selections> Select None.
Drag to where the tube layer is above the square layer.
Repeat the duplicate and selections steps for each of the other 2 squares.
Paste Close-up of tube and position in the pink circle as desired.
 Effects> PlugIns> Xero> Porcelain: Softness- 50, Strength- 128, Brightness- 128, Red Channel- 0, Green Channel- 0, Blue Channel- 255.
Repeat float and defloat from earlier with the pink circle and close-up tube.
Select the Pink Circle layer.
Adjust> Color> Red/Green/Blue> Red -54(negative fifty-four), Green 100, Blue 100.
Select the Blurred Pink Circle and repeate coloring.
Paste Paper 10. Duplicate 2 times and hide the duplicates. Starting with the top gray square repeat the float, defloat, invert, delete steps from earlier selecting the paper layer for that square.
Repeat for each square with different paper layer.
Drag each paper layer above its corresponding gray square.
Select the Close-up layer and change the Blend Mode to Luminance (L).
Select the Blude Circle Layer. Selections> Float, Selections> Defloat, Selections> Modify: Expand by 5. Right click on the blue circle layer. Flood fill the selected are with the color #3169fd.
Adjust> Add/Remove Noise> Add Noise: Gaussian 100 Monochrome checked.
Paste Paper 8. Drag above black rectangle layers. Duplicate.
Repeat the float, defloat steps from before with both black rectangles.
Delete the original black rectangles.
Paste Wiremesh and drag the layer below the red rectangles.
Position to the left of center blue square.
Duplicate. Image> Mirror. Image> Flip. Position as desired near top of canvas where it is visible behind the red rectangle. Duplicate. Image> Flip.
Merge the 3 mesh layers together.
Select the top heart layer and your Text Tool..
Using a font of choice add the word "Criminal". I used Bauhaus 93 size 125 bold. The color I chose was #3169fd.
Effects> PlugIns> EyeCandy5> Glass: Basic: Bevel Width- 18, Bevel Smoothness- 30, Round Selections Corners- 0. Inside Selection Glass Color- #5ef0f2, Opacity- 50, Tinting- 50, Refraction- 100, Inner Shadow Opacity 75, Drop Shadow Opacity- 0, Shadow Offset- 10.80. Shadow Glow: Lighting: Direction- 90, Inclination 50, Highlight Brightness- 75, Highlight Size 75, Color white, Refraction Map None. Bevel Profile- Button.
Adjust> Add/Remove Noise> Add Noise: Gaussian 20 Monochrome checked.
Effects> PlugIns> EyeCandy 5> Gradient Glow: Glow Type- Outise, Mask Selection selected, Glow Radius- 6, Soften Corners- 8, Overall Opacity- 100, Distortion Amount- 0, Distortion Lump Size- 7, Gradient Smoothness- 100, Color- Black.
Using a different font og choice add the letters: s, o, s, e, x, y, i, t, ', s. and position in the letters of Criminal. I used Andover size 72, color black.
Change Blend Mode to Overlay.
Paste Tape and drag behind Criminal word layer. Image> Resize to 65%. Position to the left of the letter "C".
Paste Sparkle 4 and drag layer above the close up tube layer and position as desired.
Paste Sparkle 2. Image> Resize to 25%. Drag above middle square tube layer and position. Duplicate and drag above bottom square tube layer. Position as desired. Duplicate and drag above top square tube layer and position.
Adjust> Color> Red/Green/Blue same as before to all 3 sparkle layers over the squares. Change Opacity of each one to 60%.
Paste Screw. Drag the layer above the top sparkle layer. Resize to 15% and position where the top and middle squares meet. Duplicate and position where the bottom and middle squares meet.
Paste Ribbon 1. Drag layer behind glitter circle layer and position to the left.
Paste Ribbon 2 and drag behind the two red rectangle layers. Image> Mirror. Image> Flip. Position to the Right.
Paste Gun. Image> Resize to 25%. Drag beind the criminal word layer and position above and to the right of the word.
Paste Cuffs. Image Resize to 45%. Drag to top layer and position at the top right of the blue circle.
Paste Bulletholes 1. Drag above Close-up layer and position towards the bottom right of the circle.
Change the Blend Mode to Overlay.
Drop shadow the gun, tape, cuffs, screws, ribbons, both red rectangles, and the glitter circle.
Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow: Vertical 2, Horizontal 2, Opacity 35, Blur 5, Color black.
Merge Visible.
Resize to 650 x 650.
Add copyright.
Add the name that you would like on the tag. I used Vrinda size 65 bold color #b23d40.
Adjust> Add/Remove Noise> Add Noise: Gaussian 50 Monochrome checked.
Drop Shadow changing opacity to 75.
Merge Visible.
Save as PNG.

Thankies Kacie for allowing me use of your amazing kit. Thank you to anyone who tries my tutorial. I hope that you enjoy it.




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