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Hello & welcome to SuthrnPrincess Tuts. I am so excited that you stopped in to see what I have made with the gorgeous tubes and fabby kits that are out there. You will find FTU & PTU kits as well as FTU & PTU Tubes are used in my tutorials. If you run into a problem on a tut please feel free to email me and I will help if I can. My use of a FTU tube does not give you permission to use it. I have obtained permission either from the artist themselves or through a group to use their artwork. You need to personally contact them to obtain permission before using.


The tuts contained within this blog are my own creation. They came from my brain and were created by my own hand. Any resemblance to the works of others is completely coincidental.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

postheadericon Girly Tut

This tutorial requires basic knowledge of PaintShop Pro. It was created in PSPX2 and did not utilize any added plug-ins or filters. This work is completely my own. Any resemblences are completely coinceidental. If you have any questions feel free to email me.


Tube of choice: I used a PTU tube from Ismael Rac. You can find it at his store here. Please do not use without a license and purchasing it.

PTU Scrap Kit by Missy called Play Toy which can be found at Scraps With Attitude

Font of choice: I used BravoScriptSSk

Okay let’s get started:

Open a new 700x700 image.

Copy and paste the film strip of your choice from the kit. I used film strip 2. Then select Image> Free Rotate> Right 45 degrees. Then with your Pick Tool resize the film strop and move it towards the left side of your canvas.

Open Fuzzy Dice of choice. I used Fuzzy Dice 3. Image> Resize> 200 with locked aspect ratio. Then copy and paste to your canvas. Use your Pick Tool to move the Fuzzy Dice to where they are over the bottom corner of the top film frame. Duplicate the layer and drag under the Film Strip layer. Select your top layer again and now your Easer Tool. Erase one side of the string that is over the frame. Make sure you only delete one side so that the Fuzzy Dice appear wrapped around the Film strip. Then select your bottom Fizzy Dice layer. Now select Effect> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow> Settings: Vertical 0, Horizontal 2, Opacity 50, Blur 1, Color Black.

Also add the drop shadow to your Film Strip with the same settings.

Copy and paste the Barbed Wire Heart of your choice. I used Barb Wired Heart 1. Using your Pick Tool resize and move to bottom right corner. Then select Effect> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow> and use the same settings as before. Duplicate the Heart and move it to the top left corner of the Film Strip.

Copy and paste Feather Fan of choice. I used Feather Fan 1. Then select Image> Free Rotate> Left 135 degrees. Drag to under all of your other element layers. Resize with Pick Tool centering with the frame. Then select Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow to the same settings are before.

Copy and paste paper of choice. Select your Film Strip layer and then select your Magic Wand and click inside each frame of the Film Strip. Then select Selections> Modify> Expand by 4 and hit OK. Then select Image> Invert and hit Delete on your keyboard.

Copy and paste Flower of choice. I used Flower 1. Drag Flower under all of your other elemental layers. Use your Pick tool to resize and move to where it is offset to the top right of your canvas. Then Select Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow> Same settings as before.

Copy and paste tube of choice. Using your Pick Tool move the tube to where it is off to the top right of your Film Strip to make it look like she is climbing out from behind it . Then select Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow> same settings as before. Drag the tube layer to where it is under all of your element layers EXCEPT for the Flower layer. Resize with your Pick tool if needed.

Copy and paste your tube again. This time we will be adding the tube to your Film Strip. Duplicate tube layer and make one of the layers invisible by clicking on the eye in the Layer Palette. Move the tube to where the face is in the top Film Frame. Resize and move with Pick Tool to where you are happy. When satisfied select the Film Strip layer and with your Magic Wand click in the frame you have her face in. Then select Image> Modify> expand by 4 and hit OK. Then Image> Invert and hit the Delete key on your keyboard. Now select Selections> Select None.

Repeat the above step starting with duplicating the layer. Each time you do this make sure to place a different region of the tubes body in the frame until all frames are complete. Now change the Mode on all of the tube layers that are in your frames to Overlay. This is done using Blend Mode located about your Layer Palette (it usually says Normal in a little rectangle with a down arrow). Duplicate the 2nd and 3rd framed tubes. This makes them look better in my opinion.

Now open the Lip Gloss of your choice. Resize Lip Gloss to 150 height. Copy and paste to your canvas. Then select Image> Free Rotate Right 45 degrees. Using your Pick Tool place over the top frame divider. Duplicate and move one over other divider.

Copy and paste Glitter of choice. I used Glitter 3. Drag under Flower layer and resize to where it fits your canvas. Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow same as before.

Choose a Font. Size 100 (pixels) centered, Anti-alias sharp, Stroke 0, Leading -0.300, Kerning 35, Tracking 0, Light color inside. Type the word Girly.

Now select Image> Free Rotate Right 45 degrees. Duplicate and convert the top layer to raster. Hover over the word until you see [A] and then click. Change the stroke to 4 and use a darker color. Convert to raster.

Select the bottom word layer. Then select Effects> 3D Effects> Inner Bevel to the following settings: Bevel: Bevel 2, Width 5; Image: Smoothness 20, Depth 2, Ambience 2, Shininess 22; Light color on bottom, Angle 0, Intensity 30, Elevation 60.

Do the same with the top word layer. Change Shininess to 50.

Now select Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow: following settings: Offset: Vertical 2, Horizontal 2; Attributes: Opacity 50, Blur 1, color black.

Add your copyright making sure it will be readable once you resize it.

Change font to one of choice to add the name. Use a color of choice. Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow change Opacity to 40.

Merge Visible

Resize to wanted dimensions

Save as png.

Thank you for taking the time to try my tut. All feedback is appreciated.




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