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Hello & welcome to SuthrnPrincess Tuts. I am so excited that you stopped in to see what I have made with the gorgeous tubes and fabby kits that are out there. You will find FTU & PTU kits as well as FTU & PTU Tubes are used in my tutorials. If you run into a problem on a tut please feel free to email me and I will help if I can. My use of a FTU tube does not give you permission to use it. I have obtained permission either from the artist themselves or through a group to use their artwork. You need to personally contact them to obtain permission before using.


The tuts contained within this blog are my own creation. They came from my brain and were created by my own hand. Any resemblance to the works of others is completely coincidental.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

postheadericon Toxic Elias Tut

Toxic Elias Tut
Here is my first Tut. I have literally never made one before and for some reason this morning I just had the urge. I hope everyone likes it.
All Tuts are my own creation. Any resemblance to someone elses work is coincidental.
Toxic Elias
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice making sure it has a close up or that you have a close up by the same artist to use. I used Elias Chatzoudis from his store
Frame I made here (unless you choose to use a different one from the kit)
FTU Kit called Toxic Candyland by Cinnamon Scraps you can get here
Mask 50 by Aqua you can download from her blog here
Font of Choice (I used Aspire)
DSB Flux if you choose
Animation Shop

Lets Get Started:
First open a new image that is 700x700. It will seem big but you need room to work.
Open your frame in PSP and copy it then paste it to your new image. Move it to the bottom center of your canvas but not too far down that you are unable to add elements and a name.
Open the paper of your choice from the kit (I used paper 7). Copy it.
Return to your canvas and use your magic wand to select the area inside of your frame. Paste your paper and then click Selections> Modify > Expand x3 and hit ok. Then click Selections > Invert and press the delete button on your keyboard. Everything outside of your selected area will disappear. Now move the paper layer to under your frame.
Select the candy element of your choice from the kit (I used candy 7). Copy it and then paste it to your canvas. Using your pick tool resize it until it is a size that you like. and then move it to the bottom left corner of your frame. Right click on the layer and duplicate it. Click Image > Mirror. Once the second candy has mirrored to the right side make sure it is even with the one on the left and not too far off your frame. *If it is use your pick tool to move it around until it is where it should be*
Now open your tube that you chose. Copy it and paste it to your canvas. Place it in the center of your frame using your pick tool. Duplicate the tube layer and drag the bottom layer to under your frame layer.
Select your Eraser tool and your top tube layer. Using the Eraser tool remove the portion of the tube that overlaps the frame. This gives her the appearance of "popping" out of the frame.
Open the beaded word string from the kit. Copy it and paste it to your canvas. Move the layer to under you candy layers and then arrange in the place that you would like it.
Copy the close up of your tube and paste it on your canvas. Position it to the left of your tube. Drag the close up layer to under your bottom tube layer. Now duplicate and mirror. Move if needed with pick tool.
Merge the two close up layers together.
Using your magic wand while on your frame layer select the area inside of the frame again (like you did when you added your paper). Now click on your close up layer. Then click Selections > Modify >Expand x2 and then Selections > Invert and hit your delete key. Once again everything outside of the frame disappeared.
Now change the Blend Mode of your Close up layer to Multiply (its the little window above your layer list).
Choose your first lollipop from the kit (I used 4). Copy it and then paste it to your canvas. Drag it under your candy layer. Using your Pick Tool resize it to your desired size behind the candy on the bottom left of the frame. Then Duplicate the layer and Mirror (Image > Mirror). Move if you need to so it matches the other side.
Repeat the last step with the second lollipop (I used 3) but make it a little bigger and off to the inside a little more.
Copy the flower of your choice from the kit (I used 3). Paste it in your canvas and then drag the layer to under your 2nd lollipop. Resize it with your Pick Tool to your desired size and then duplicate and mirror as before moving with the pick tool if need be.
At this point take a minute to merge the 2 layers of lollipop 1 together making one layer. Do the same with lollipop 2 and the flowers (candy too if you didnt already) BUT NOT ALL LAYERS TOGETHER. This makes your layer list a little smaller and easier to manage. This helps with the next steps.
Select the first lollipop layer in your layer list. Duplicate it by right clicking on the layer. Now Click Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout. Use the following settings:
Offset: Vertical 0 Horizontal 1
Attributes: Opacity 50 Blur 40
Shadow Color Black
Make sure Fill Interior is NOT selected and then hit OK.
Drag the layer under the original layer for the lollipop and using your Pick tool move the layer just a small amount to the side and down. You can use drop shadow instead if you prefer. I like the way Cutout looks personally.
Repeat last step with the 2nd lollipop layer, the frame layer, the flower layer, the candy layer, the tube layer and the beaded word string layer (yes I know that is a lot lol). Make sure when you do the tube layer that you apply Cutout to the BOTTOM layer that is in the center under your frame (not the close up).
Optional: Merge all of the lollipop layers, flowers, candy, and the beaded string together (again it minimizes the number of layers in your layer box to have to work with.
Open your mask in PSP. Select the background layer (until now it should have been transparent) and using your Flood Fill Tool fill it with the color blue from the lollipop. Then click Layer > New Mask Layer > From Image. When the window pops up choose your mask in the drop down bar. Make sure Invert is NOT selected and hit OK.
Create a new Raster Layer and repeat the last step only Flood Fill with the pink color of the lollipops. Move it down a tiny bit to where it shows between the blue.
Create a new Raster Layer one more time and Flood Fill white (this will be your background layer when animating. If you are not animating then you do not need this step).
Add your copyright information. Make sure it is big enough that once you resize your tag you can still read it. Place it where you want it and then convert it to a raster layer.
Now add the name you want on the tag with the font of your choice (I used Aspire).
**If you are not animating stop here. Add shadow to the name if you choose and save as a PNG or merge all flatten and save as a jpg**
Still in PSP:
Convert the name to raster. Click Effects > DSB Flux > Bright Noise and add noise to the settings of your liking (mine is set at Mix 29).
Duplicate name. Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout > Settings used earlier. Move under name and use your Pick Tool to offset it.
Optional: Merge copyright, name and name cutout.
Using the Freehand Selection Tool draw around the letter T on the beaded word string. Make sure you have the entire T bead in the selected area before continuing. Promote the selected area to a layer. (Either under Selections > Promote to layer or right click on the layer and select Promote).
Now click Adjust > Brightness & Contrast to settings: Brightness 1 Contrast 50.
Repeat this step for all 5 letters.
Optional: Merge all lower layers together ( this means your elements, tube, frame, close up, paper, masks and background). If you did this and the merge before you only have 7 layers to work with now.
Putting the animation together:
Make the layers containing the letters O, X, I , & C invisible (click the eye on the layers). This will make only the T bright.
Merge Visible layers (Right click on top most visible layer select merge).
Edit > Copy and head over to Animation Shop.
Paste in AS as a new animation.
Go back to PSP and repeat the above step adding a letter each time. (For instance you would now go back and make O visible so that the T & O are bright). Do this until all letters are bright. Copying it merged and then pasting it in animation shop after current frame.
Now go back to PSP and make all the bright letters invisible. Merge visible and copy then paste in AS after current frame.
Select the last two frames (Hold shift and click on each one). Click Edit > Copy. Now click on the last frame so that it is the only one highlighted and right click paste after current frame. Repeat this step until you have 4 sets of the last 2 frames (12 frames total). 
Now Edit > Select all and play with the frame properties until it is the speed that you like it (Animation > Frame Properties) Mine is at 18.
Optional: Use Crop tool to remove all of the extra background from around your tag.
Resize animation to 600 width or whatever you are needing.
Save as a GIF and you are finished!!
Thank you so much for trying my Tut. I would love to see whatever you make.




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